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When your pet has an accident on the carpet, it bleeds through the carpet fibers. It also soaks through the backing into the pad, and possibly even penetrates into the subfloor. Stain resistant pads, such as Stainmaster, can sometimes help avoid hiring a pet stain and odor removal service in Nampa, Caldwell, or Middleton.

When the pet urine does not penetrate all the way to the sub floor it can make dog pee removal easier, but it’s not a sure thing.

Nampa Professional Carpet Cleaning for Pet Urine

Removing dog pee from carpet is a challenge. Removing cat pee is even tougher. We follow a 3 stage carpet cleaning approach to effectively remove pet urine from carpets. Here’s what the best carpet cleaning companies for pet stains can do, that a home owner can’t:

Pet Stain and Odor Control Removal Processes

Regular Pet Stains

This process works well for probably half of the stains we encounter. Surface stains without a ton of liquid usually respond well. Examples being dog poop removal, pet vomit removal, small dog urine removal etc.

  1. We first apply a urine pre-spray to the area. This is used as a high quality pet odor neutralizer. We allow this to work for 5-10 minutes
  2. Next, we utilize our truck mounted carpet cleaning machine to perform a full hot water extraction (steam cleaning) of the area with a specific rinse. The purpose of this is to thoroughly rinse as much pet stain color and odor causing material from the carpet.
  3. Lastly, a follow up treatment to the carpet is done to ensure all of the stain is removed and any remaining odors are eliminated.

Intermediate Pet Stains

When there are more advanced pet stains – perhaps a large dog peed on the carpet, or a pet has been using the same area frequently to relieve itself, we need to take things to the next level with flooding and rinsing carpet stains.

  1. We utilize a special tool called a Water Claw that has been modified to both flood the area with pet odor neutralizer. Multiple cycles of flooding and rinsing are utilized to remove as much material as possible from the carpet. Through the numerous rinse cycles, we also clean the underlying carpet pad.
  2. Next, we utilize our 50 H.P. truck mounted machine to steam clean the area with a specific rinse. We remove as much pet stain color and odor causing material from the carpet.
  3. Finally a follow up treatment is done to ensure all of the stain is removed and any remaining odors are eliminated from the carpet.

Severe Stain & Pet Odor Removal Service

For the most significant pet stain carpet cleaning, replacing the pad and possibly treating the subfloor is necessary. We have been hired by many property managers to remove pet odors from apartments and rental homes in Nampa and Caldwell. Free inspections and cost estimates available.

  1. We pull back the stained carpet and clean both sides of the carpet – both the front side and the backing.
  2. Cut out the area of the carpet pad that is saturated in urine and replacing it with a new piece of pad.
  3. All areas are treated with odor neutralizers and special cleaning solutions.
  4. If necessary, Kilz can be applied to the subfloor material to seal in any pet odors left from urine. Typically this is not needed for dog pee removal; however, a dog with a urinary tract infection may pass urine that has a very foul smell. For male cat pee, rabbit urine, or other small animals with smelly droppings, Kilz sealing can be neccessary.
  5. Allow the carpet to dry and then reinstall the carpet. Stretch and tuck the carpet to return to a professionally installed look.

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