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Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning Service

Tile grout cleaning service

When it comes to tile and grout cleaning in Nampa and the surrounding areas, you need the right solution. Experts can clean tile and grout of all types in your home.

And whether your cleaning ceramic tiles, porcelain or natural stone like slate, marble, or travertine, you need the right solutions to wash and restore your floors, showers, or other hard surfaces like concrete.

See the difference our tile and grout cleaning services can make!

Floor Cleaning Nampa Pros

Cleaning tile and dirty grout lines can pose a difficult cleaning challenge for even the most seasoned do it yourself tile and grout cleaner. Scrubbing each grout line with a toothbrush, getting no where certainly isn’t much fun. Instead, we harness the power of our powerful truck mounted machines along with specialty tools to hit your stubborn tile and grout lines hard!

To do this, we use a fully contained hot water, high pressure tile and grout cleaner system for deep, effective cleaning. This can be done using the proper equipment to clean vertical surfaces like tiled showers, or to clean horizontal surfaces like counter tops. Of course, we clean floors as well.

For floors, we can add in the use of a counter rotating brush machine. This Brush Pro machine has two heavy duty brushes that spin at 375 RPM to aggressively work grout lines without damaging the tiles. Proper tile cleaning requires plenty of heat, the right selection of detergents and solutions, agitation and high pressure rinsing. Fortunately, we have the right equipment to provide all that is needed and more to get amazing results.

Expert Cleaning Results

After some work with our tile and grout cleaner, you will no longer will you have dingy brown grout where once white existed. Similarly, the depressions and holes in natural stone or textured ceramics will be left clean and shiny. Mopping works to maintain clean tile, but over time the dirt and grime finds itself into places mopping can’t effectively reach. Your solution is to either scrub each grout line and tile inconsistency with a toothbrush, or to call us. We’ll perform your tile and grout cleaning the professional way. Not only will your lower back thank you, but your floor will too.

Tile and Grout Sealing Services

Once your tile and grout cleaning ha been completed, it only makes sense to help it stay looking it’s best. We offer an optional tile sealing service as a follow up to cleaning your tile. We use some of the best penetrating tile sealers on the market (usually DuPont products) to make sure your tile is protected from stains and wear, keeping them looking better, longer. Tile sealing is a great final step to finish the job right.

Old Fashioned Values, Modern Day Techniques

Our Nampa cleaning business is locally owned and focused on professionalism and customer service since 1966. We use a powerful truck-mounted system to get your items washed. We are able to clean carpets, tile floors, and all upholstery in homes, boats, automobiles and motor homes.

Celebrating 50 years of trust and honesty, we offer simple Flat Rate Pricing. We will never cut corners or recommend unnecessary cleaning services. We do business the old fashioned way– by telephone. Call Maas Carpet Cleaning today at 208-425-4125.