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Special Deals on Carpet Cleaning

Congratulations you found the best deals on Nampa carpet cleaning solutions!

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Carpet Cleaning Nampa Specials

3 Rooms only $85 for our discount carpet cleaning– That's 350 Sq. Ft. of your house professionally cleaned for less! Nampa • Caldwell • Middleton

Low Pricing, Professional Cleaning

  • We are one of the best carpet cleaning companies of Nampa– honest pricing since 1966.
  • We use nontoxic, child and pet friendly solutions that rinse clean and leave your carpet looking great with faster dry times!
  • We completely remove the toughest pet odors and stains permanently from your floors.
  • We gently wash Oriental, Persian & Wool rugs in your home preserving the antique fibers, leaving it vibrant and spotless.

Nampa Groupon Carpet Cleaning Offers

If you are looking for Groupon specials or stanley carpet cleaning specials, sometimes you can save 50% to 90% off in Nampa. But many of these coupons can be too good to be true like: Save Up to 72% off Carpet Cleaning for Two Rooms and One Hallway or Staircase. Wow that super low discount just cant be beat, maybe it is a Bait and Switch!

How To Avoid A Carpet Cleaning Scam

The truth: the business is either cutting corners with poor equipment or unskilled employees and/or they were looking to fool you to pay more than the discount offer above.

This Is How They Do It:

Once they suck you in with a low price, the cleaning company shows up and says you need more than what's offered on the Voucher. These are some of the excuses:

  • You have a special type of carpet that requires a more difficult cleaning method.
  • Your carpet stains are “extra bad” and require our super solution.
  • The price costs more for “Deep Cleaning” or the carpets are heavily soiled and the basic Refresher service won’t work.
  • The price quoted was only for traffic lanes, so cleaning the entire room costs more.
  • Adding extra service charges, detergent, special equipment charges, fuel, etc.
  • Your rooms are bigger, the coupon only pays for 200 sq. ft.

Your Special Discount is No Deal At All!

Your discount is only for a Refresher or Basic Services so when you refuse to pay for the additional add-ons, the scammers will do a fast, poor cleaning service. And, Yes, you're carpets will dry in no time, because they hardly cleaned them.  In the end you’ll be paying for a service that leaves your carpets no cleaner than when the swindlers arrived.

What You Need To Do

If you find yourself in this situation, refuse the service. You can’t win when you’re dealing with dishonest companies that bait and switch with carpet cleaning scams. A Deep Discount Coupon alone should not be a reason to choose a carpet cleaning company. That's where many Caldwell residents fall victim to a shady deal. If a carpet cleaner really is as cheap as they claim to be, you have to wonder where they are cutting costs.

Not every company uses the same techniques and equipment, and some aren’t even IICRC certified. Check websites and reviews or search them on sites that are made for consumer protection like Yelp or the Better Business Bureau to ensure they aren’t known for carpet cleaning scams. In the end, check for the three R’s – Reputation, Reviews, and a Real 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Be Careful of Nampa Carpet Cleaning Coupons

Coupon? You dont need no stinkin' coupon for inexpensive rug cleaning– we offer discount specials everyday. We extend a CHEAP FLAT RATE price with no hidden fees or surprise charges of any kind.

Celebrating 50 years of trust and honesty, we will never cut corners or recommend unnecessary cleaning services. We do business the old fashioned way– by telephone. Call Maas Carpet Cleaning today at 208-425-4125.