Best Professional How To Cleaning Tips

Carpet Cleaning Tips and More!

July 2018: We've talked with the amazing King of Carpet Clean, Jim Maas, professional carpet cleaner since 1966 about his secrets and learn some of the best house cleaning tips to get your home super clean, plus review supplies, housekeeping ideas, and speed cleaning bathrooms.

DIY remove pet urine carpet odor

How To Remove Dog Pee Odors?

We have professional cleaning tips & insider secrets to get dog urine smells and cat pee odors removed from rugs. It's hard work, but the money savings are worth it when you DIY. First Step...

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hot water extraction cleaner meridian

How Effective Is Steam Cleaning Carpets?

With so much interest in cleaning without chemicals, steam is being touted as the best cleaner. Hot water extraction removes 97 percent of dirt and bacteria from carpeting; however,

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meridian carpet cleaner rentals

Child & Pet Safe Cleaning Options

Young children and pets spend a lot of time up close and personal with the floor. It's only natural to want chemical safe or organic cleaning options to protect the little ones.

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truck mount carpet cleaner Boise

Is Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning Best?

For providers of rug cleaner services, there are a wide range of local cleaning companies. The quality of work and reliability between machines also varies greatly because...

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pro cleaning tips for bathrooms

Best Bathroom Cleaning Tips & Tricks

We have all kinds of DIY cleaning hacks and recipes using household items in your pantry right now to make your bathroom sparkle, while saving you money and chemical free.

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meridian carpet cleaner rentals

Self Carpet Cleaning vs Professional

If you need your carpets cleaned, you may have thought about renting a carpet cleaning device instead of hiring a professional. Sure you might save some money, but first consider these costly tips...

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