Carpet Cleaning Prices Boise

If you have surprise guests coming for the holidays or need carpet cleaning for an apartment, we can get you a cheap carpet cleaning price. We can save you money, make landlords smile, and your mother-in-law will be happy too.

boise carpet cleaning costs

Boise Carpet Cleaning Cost Per Square Foot

We contacted seven local Boise carpet cleaning companies for estimates and found carpet cleaning is between $.27 - $.35 cost per square foot. How much is junk removal cost in Boise?

We charge only 27 cents per square foot!

Your Hallway, Family Room, and Master Bedroom would be estimated $85 from us. (The image in pink highlight is about 350 sq.ft.)

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Rug Cleaning Prices Per Room

Many local companies advertise carpet cleaning cost per room, such as:

  • $39 Per Room
  • 2 Rooms for $68
  • 5 for $147

WARNING:If It Is Too Good To Be True, It Probably Is!
Some Boise carpet cleaning services offer a low rate but dont tell you there is a minimum room charge, fuel surcharge, furniture moving fee, extra cost for stairs, spot removal fee and more! Read How To Avoid Scams Here 

Dont Fall For The Bait & Switch

We offer FLAT RATE PRICING for steam cleaning!
No more paying extra for stains or worrying about surprise charges. Everything is included.
NO SIZE LIMITS to rooms, free spot and stain removal.
NO HIDDEN COSTS with any of our services.

How Much To Carpet Clean A Room?

Most rooms are about 10' x 15' which is 150 square feet. Simply take $.23 x 150 = $34.50.  We walk through your house to identify spots or stains and accurately measure the flooring so we can give you a low rate price. We want you to be able to make decisions that may affect your carpet cleaning costs; pet stains/odor, ink, grease or other spots will be discussed.

Got Dirt Stains? Wool or Oriental Rugs?  

But How Much Does It Cost To Rent a Carpet Cleaner?

What does it cost to rent a Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner? The smaller Rug Doctor machines rents for $34.99 in most Boise retailers like Albertsons and Walmart. But you're also going to need a cleaning solution which is another $9.99. These portable machines, even the Bissell deep cleaning machine, get less than 80% of your dirt– plus you have a limited time to use them AND you have to do the work yourself.

Old Fashioned Values, Modern Day Techniques

We use a powerful truck-mounted, hot-water extraction cleaner to get your house spotless. We are able to clean carpets and upholstery in homes, businesses, automobiles, including campers and RV's. Celebrating more than 50 years of trust and honesty, we will never cut corners or recommend unnecessary cleaning services. We do business the old fashioned way– by telephone. Call Maas Carpet Cleaning Company today at 208-425-4125.