Church Carpet Cleaning Boise/Meridian

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Carpet Cleaning for Churches

Maas Cleaning provides Boise church carpet cleaning to a number of facilities in Meridian and across the Treasure Valley. Being a commercial carpet cleaner, religious buildings offer tough cleaning challenges. Having 50 years of experience, the right solutions, and professional truck mounted equipment makes all the difference.

We Can Clean Your Church Carpet in the Boise area

Cleaning Church Carpets in Boise:

  • Churches typically have large carpeted areas
  • Areas receive significant foot traffic and often have defined traffic lanes.
  • There are frequently big dining areas that can get messy after large community meals.
  • Cleanings typically must be done after hours or on non-busy times

Fear not! Jim Maas is well equipped to help you with all of your church carpet cleaning needs. With our powerful commercial grade truck mounted equipment, we have more than enough capacity to both reach, and thoroughly clean your entire facility.

In addition, we can assist with spot treatment,
pew cleaning or removing candle wax.

Local Carpet Cleaning Company

Maas Carpet Cleaning is your local Boise carpet cleaning company. We also specialize in tile cleaning and hard surface cleaning. Lastly, we are your church upholstery steam cleaning experts as well. Jim tries to work around your schedule, day or night, because we understand how important it is for you to keep your facilities looking their best.

Candle Wax Removal

Besides industrial carpet cleaning, we can also remove candle wax from church pews. So frequently we’ve run into candle wax that has been spilled onto pews. In addition to being unsightly, it’s also a real hassle to remove it without the right tools. Using the proper solutions and equipment, we can remove candle wax and other spots and stains efficiently and completely from upholstery.

Why Use Our Commercial Cleaning Service

For over 50 years, Jim Maas has been cleaning all types of industrial carpets for schools, office buildings, retailers, churches and restaurants in the Boise area. We offer flat-rate pricing to clean carpets– no silly discount specials or crazy coupons. Jim offers local businesses honesty by never recommending unnecessary cleaning services.

Since 1966, we do business the old fashioned way– by telephone. Call Maas Carpet Cleaning today at 208-425-4125.