Restaurant Carpet Cleaning Boise

restaurant carpet cleaning service

Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Maas Carpet Cleaning provides restaurant carpet cleaning to a number of well known businesses in Boise, Meridian, and Eagle including Kuna Idaho. Being a commercial carpet cleaner, industrial rugs offer some of the toughest challenges we face.

Having 50 years of experience, the right solutions, and professional truck mounted equipment makes all the difference.

Challenges of Cleaning Restaurant Carpets:

  • Foot Traffic – There is heavy foot traffic to contend with, typically with well-defined traffic areas between tables and chairs.
  • Greasy Carpets – Cooking oil and grease is often present. Greasy carpets are common between the front and back of house areas where staff is tracking kitchen grease into the main dining area. It is also embedded in carpet throughout the restaurant.
  • Scheduling – You need to keep your restaurant open during the day and into the night. You need a restaurant carpet cleaning service that can work around your hours. Whether you need us at night or in the morning before opening, we can accommodate your needs.
  • Moving Furniture – Tables, chairs and other items must be moved, and moved back in almost all restaurant carpet cleaning scenarios. We move furniture for you and return it to it’s place.
  • Other Cleaning Needs – Commonly there are tiled areas to be cleaned, or restaurant furniture cleaning requirements. Maas Carpet Cleaning can provide all of these services.

Restaurant Carpet Cleaning Boise

The cleaning process will be custom tailored to your specific needs. For new customers, we will want to come and see the restaurant. This is to assess the amount of grease, the soiling of traffic areas, the presence of tile, the upholstery cleaning needs and more. As your Boise restaurant carpet cleaning service, it’s important that we have a clear understanding of your needs and expectations. We will then work to find an appropriate time to clean your restaurant’s carpet with our powerful truck mount system and hot water, along with special detergents to remove grease and cooking oil.

Why Use Our Commercial Cleaning Service

For over 50 years, Jim Maas has been cleaning all types of industrial carpets for schools, office buildings, retailers, churches and restaurants in the Boise area. We offer flat-rate pricing to clean carpets– no silly discount specials or crazy coupons. Jim offers local businesses honesty by never recommending unnecessary cleaning services.

Since 1966, we do business the old fashioned way– by telephone. Call Maas Carpet Cleaning today at 208-425-4125.