How Effective Is Steam Cleaning Carpets?

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When you have dirty, dingy carpets, you need the help of professionals. Our carpet cleaning services are extremely effective and employ the use of state-of-the-art technology and industry knowledge.

Washing experts implement the use of steam cleaning in order to leave your carpets fresh and looking like new. Just how effective is steam cleaning carpets? 

The simple answer is that steam cleaning is both efficient and powerful at removing stain, dirt, odors, and grime.

Read on to learn more about how effective steam cleaning (also known as hot water extraction) is and why it is the perfect method for restoring your home or business’ carpets.

Removes Lingering Odors

One of the greatest benefits of steam cleaning is that the process is effective at removing lingering odors. This is particularly beneficial for homeowners with pets. The high temperature of the water creates steam, which works to deodorize the carpets fibers by drawing out any lingering odors.

Not only do the heat and moisture work together to pull out stubborn smells, the powerful extraction process rids your carpet of any dampness that could lead to further odors.

Hot Water Kills Unwanted Guests

Steam cleaning is also an effective carpet cleaning method because the high temperatures of the water are capable of ridding your home of unwelcome pests. Fleas and dust mites can be eradicated through the use of steam cleaning.

The temperatures of the steam are so extreme that the creatures cannot live through the cleaning process.

Not only does hot water extraction kill these pests, the removal process removes both the pests and their eggs.

Sanitize And Destroy Bacteria And Viruses

No one wants to imagine germs, bacteria, and viruses lingering in their home. Unfortunately, your carpet could be home to such unsavory beings.

Although frequent cleaning of your home can help reduce the amount of germs and bacteria, some will linger. Steam cleaning is an extremely effective method for killing germs, bacteria, and viruses that normal cleaning was not able to reach. The high temperature of the steam will reach deep into the carpet’s fibers and destroy any living beings.

Then, through extraction, your carpet will be rid of any residue, leaving sanitary, fresh carpeting behind.

Target Hard To Remove Stains

If your carpet has unsightly stains building up, steam cleaning might be the perfect method for restoring your carpet. The sooner you schedule steam cleaning after a stain occurs, the more effective it will be.

Instead of dumping toxic chemicals on your carpet in hopes of ridding it of stains, consider the safer method of steam cleaning. Professional steam cleaners can help you determine the best method for removing stains from your carpeting.

Interested in seeing the effects of professional steam cleaning on your carpets? Schedule carpet cleaning with our team. We provide carpet cleaning services across the Boise metro area, including Meridian, Eagle, Nampa and more. Contact our team today to learn more about why our steam cleaning is the most effective method for cleaning carpets available.